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With a Great Ride Comes Great Responsibility Bikes 

With a Great Ride Comes Great Responsibility

When it comes to our cars, there’s one word that comes to mind above all others, and that one word is freedom. And, there’s a good reason for that. After all, getting your driver’s license and then getting your first car is a lot like a baby bird learning to fly and then leaving the nest. It’s a paradigm shift in which your whole world opens up to you almost instantly. The world is your oyster. The open road is your key to the kingdom. However, driving an automobile quickly reveals itself to be a lot of responsibility. That’s not to diminish the sense of freedom or the joy that comes with it, but it’s important to note that you are to be held responsible for a great many things when you get behind the wheel of your car. Here are some tips to help you bear that responsibility more easily.

For starters, you’ll want your vision as unimpaired as possible. For one thing, this means keeping your wind shield wipers in working order. This means replacing the wiper fluid periodically, as not only do they need to clear rain water from the wind shield, they also need to clear detritus such as dirt, dead bugs, etc. You’ll also need an ice scraper stowed in your glove box for Winter time, so that you can chip away at the ice that’s sure to form on the wind shield during inclement Winter weather. Lastly, if you wear glasses, consider upgrading to contact lenses via 1800Contacts just to ensure that your glasses never fall from your face at a pivotal moment and cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

Another important part of owning a car is keeping your car in good shape. You’re going to want to keep a tool kit in the trunk of your car at all times, as well as a jack and a spare tire, so that you can make small repairs on the go to keep yourself moving in case of an emergency. However, bigger issues can most likely be prevented with frequent checkups with your mechanic.

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