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Investing in a car wash is a major financial step, and it requires significant effort into making the business a success. You will also require expert advice to guide you in starting and running the business. It is thus best to procure the services of a car wash advisor who knows the car wash business and what it takes such a business to succeed. The following are some tips to guide you on how to find the best car wash advisor.

  1. Finding what suits you

Finding the best car wash advisor will depend on your expertise in the car wash industry. If you have experience in investing in car washes, or maybe you have already developed, managed, or owned a car wash, then you require the services of someone who can broker purchases on your behalf, for instance, a car wash distributor. You could also go to the manufacturer of the car equipment, and begin working with them directly.

However, if you are planning to start your first car wash business, or buying an existing car wash as your maiden entry into the car wash industry, then it is strongly recommendable that you find a qualified car wash distributor or consultant. These individuals/companies have reputable experience in this specific industry, and can guide you throughout the entire process of starting and managing your new business.

2.Where to look

Finding the right car wash advisor for your new business venture will also depend on where you look for such an individual. Word of mouth is probably your best bet especially if you live in an area with several successful car washes. Ask the operators or owners of these businesses to give you recommendations for professional car wash advisors/consultants.

You can also check on local listings online and offline to find car wash advisors who have listed their professional services. Before procuring their services, conduct a background check on them to see the reputation they have managed to build for themselves in the industry.

3.Carry out your own research

The car wash advisor may be the expert, and you may be tempted to go along with everything they say. However, as a prudent investor, you need to carry out your own research to determine if the advice given to you by the car wash advisor is worth heeding. You need to build up healthy skepticism towards the consultant’s advice, but still ensure that you maintain a trusting relationship with the company.

This will ensure that you have a keen eye on the business, while at the same time taking advantage of the consultant’s expertise to make your business a true success.


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