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You might be facing a situation whereby you need to replace a malfunctioning electric key. Replacing an electronic car key is an expensive, and often time consuming process especially if you decide to replace it at the car dealership. Before you go to the dealership, or call a locksmith to replace your electronic key, you need to go through the following tips. Hopefully, these tips will help you save a few dollars, and help you avoid the inconvenience of having to replace your malfunctioning electric car keys.

TIP #1: Be Patient and Do Nothing

It seems like bad advice to tell someone that is stressed out about his/her malfunctioning electric keys to be patient and wait. However, your key could be malfunctioning due to poor weather conditions. If your car keys malfunction after extreme weather, then you can be assured that,the poor weather has caused the malfunction. In addition, if you run with your keys in your hand, your sweat can creep into the electric assembly, causing some disturbances. In such instances, simply allow the set of keys to rest for a while before you attempt to replace them.

TIP#2: Reset the keys

The fobs in your key may stop working abruptly if there has been a change to the electrical system in the car. For instance, you may find that the car key immediately stopped working after a mechanic replaced the battery. To fix such a situation, you need to find your owner’s manual for the particular car, and go through the instructions on how to reset all the keys in the set.

TIP #3: Change the battery

In most instances, car keys malfunction because their batteries are dead or are in the process of dying. Thus, if you notice that the fobs of your car keys beginning to perform poorly over the span of a few days, then the problem could be with the battery. Remove the battery from the car key by unscrewing the screw at the fob seam. You can carry the old battery to an electronics store, or an auto locksmith to have it replaced. In addition, you are also most likely to find battery replacements online at incredibly low prices. You can opt to go to a dealer or the manufacturer to have the battery replaced, but this will definitely cost more money since they will charge for the labor involved in replacing the battery.

It is best to replace the old battery by yourself to save on costs. Replace the old battery with the new one, and see if the key begins to function normally again.

Replacing the battery is much cheaper than replacing the entire car key, so be sure to investigate if the battery has a problem before opting to replace the car key.

TIP #4 Reprogram the electric car key

You can attempt to reprogram the electric car key to see if it will begin to functioning properly again. The instructions on reprograming can be found on the owner manual. If you live in the Killeen area, you can search for Car key Killeen to find a professional who can help you reprogram your electric car key.

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